Whiplash is a common injury that people experience in Brentwood TN. As your chiropractor, the professionals at Premier Family Chiropractic can help you recover from whiplash after an injury occurs. Many of our patients have questions about whiplash and how chiropractic care can help. Below are some of the most common questions our patients ask about whiplash.

What is whiplash?

Whiplash is a condition that occurs when the muscles and ligaments in the neck develop small tears.

What causes whiplash?

Typically, whiplash occurs when the neck is jerked violently. Whiplash can occur as the result of a car accident, fall, sports injury, personal injury, occupational injury and so on.

How can you tell if you have whiplash?

There are many symptoms of whiplash, including:

  • Muscle stiffness
  • Tenderness in the neck and shoulders
  • Limited range of motion
  • Headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Insomnia

However, many patients don’t notice symptoms of whiplash when the injury first occurs. Symptoms of whiplash can take days or weeks to manifest. This means that many patients delay treatment for their condition because they are unaware that they’ve been injured.

How can a chiropractor help with whiplash?

Chiropractors use a variety of techniques to help with whiplash, including:

  • Spinal adjustment. This is a technique that chiropractors use to realign the vertebrae and improve the functioning of the central nervous system. Spinal adjustment can help the body heal itself, by ensuring that signals from the brain are properly delivered and interpreted by the central nervous system. In addition, spinal adjustment can help decrease inflammation and reduce joint and muscle pain.
  • Massage therapy. Massage therapy is a technique we use to ensure proper circulation in injured areas and reduce muscle tension. Massage therapy speeds the healing process and helps reduce patient anxiety.
  • Stretches and exercises. We teach patients to do stretches and exercises that can help improve range of motion, reduce muscle stiffness and increase muscle strength.
  • Lifestyle advice. We help patients avoid exacerbating their injury through behaviors and habits. We offer lifestyle advice that will help the patient along the road to recovery.
  • Nutrition counseling. We recommend a diet that can help the body stay healthy and reduce inflammation.

When should you see a chiropractor after an accident occurs?

See a chiropractor as soon as the accident occurs, even if you present no symptoms. Waiting to see the chiropractor can draw out the healing process and may lead to unnecessary pain and discomfort.

What are the advantages of chiropractic care for whiplash?

Chiropractic care is all natural, non-invasive and requires no use of addictive medications.

Where can you go for whiplash treatment in Brentwood and Franklin TN?

If you’ve recently been involved in an accident in Brentwood or Franklin TN, contact your chiropractor at Premier Family Chiropractic today. We can diagnose your condition, and if you’ve been injured, we can help you recover. Contact us today for an appointment at (615) 661-4101.