Premier Family Chiropractic is home to Dr. Quinn Uzelman and a dedicated wellness staff who want to bring you relief from sciatica. If you are struggling with lower back pain and are searching for answers, we invite you to visit our Brentwood and Franklin TN wellness center. Dr. Uzelman evaluates your condition and symptoms to determine if you are struggling with sciatica. We understand that with this diagnosis comes questions and we hope to provide answers and clarity for your future.

Why is it called sciatica?

Sciatica is a painful condition that begins with the Sciatic nerve. Sciatica is the term for the collection of symptoms that accompanies this nerve impairment.

What are some of the symptoms of sciatica?

Many of our clients experience lower back pain as their first symptom. This pain may come and go depending on your activity level, but typically gets worse if you remain in one position for a long duration. Other symptoms include pain that travels down your hips and may continue down one or both legs. You may also feel leg weakness or numbness. Limited mobility due to the pain and nerve restriction is another possibility.

How did sciatica occur?
For many sciatica sufferers, the sciatic nerve has been compressed either due to a vertebrae that has shifted or disc concerns such as degeneration or herniation. The vertebrae may be out of alignment and pressing on the nerve and interfering with the nerve signals that leave your spine and enter your legs. If your discs are degenerating, the space between the vertebrae is closing which may compromise the nerve. If a herniated disc is the cause, the disc fluid is leaking out of its protected space and interrupting the nerve function.

What will a chiropractor do to reduce my pain?
After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Uzelman gently aligns your vertebrae to lessen the pressure on the nerve. This alignment also helps position the discs so they are more likely to return to their proper place. Our Brentwood chiropractor will show you ways to stretch your lower back, hips and legs to reduce pain. We also show you how to improve the strength of your core and lower body to reduce your risk of sciatica returning.

Will I feel immediate relief?
Many of our clients experience relief after their initial visit. We recommend a series of visits so our chiropractor can condition your spine to return to a healthy and pain-free alignment. With consistent chiropractic treatments, sciatica is managed and often eliminated.

Will sciatica return?
We cannot guarantee that it will not return, but we can lessen your chances of recurrence. Especially with our holistic approach and educating you on ways to reduce pressure on your lower back, you will recover quickly and be less like to have sciatica again.

If you have more sciatica questions or would like to speak with our wellness staff to schedule an appointment, please call us today at 615-661-4101. We look forward to caring for you!