Our health team in Brentwood, understand the frustration that accompanies lower back pain. If you have searched a variety of treatments and are still suffering, but do not want to have surgery, visit Premier Family Chiropractic. We offer a non-surgical approach that addresses your lower back pain. From pinched nerves and bulging discs to scoliosis and sports injuries affecting your lower back, our treatment options provide holistic care for your entire body. Plus, we are successful in addressing and alleviating lower back pain. Our chiropractor wants you to be pain-free so you can return to an active and enjoyable life. This includes being productive at work, athletically strong and effective at home for cleaning, reorganizing and yard work. Lower back pain should not inhibit your ability to move and get the most out of your every day. Residents of Brentwood and the surrounding neighborhoods of Cool Springs and Franklin are welcome to our care center. We have the gentle, non-invasive and holistic approaches to care for your lower back pain, reduce your risk of future pain and improve your body as a whole.

Lower Back Pain Services in Brentwood

Dr. Uzelman invites you to discover the benefits of chiropractic care in managing lower back pain. An active man, Dr. Uzelman knows how pain interferes with physical activity. He does not want you to suffer through this any longer. His gentle chiropractic manipulations are effective at repositioning the vertebrae in your spine. These adjustments focus on your lower back to assure that the lumbar spine is in a healthy alignment. As a result, this reduces pressure on the nerves that may be pinched and causing pain. If you are dealing with a bulging or herniated disc, Dr. Uzelman will reduce the pressure on the discs and lessen your lower back pain.

In partnership with our chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy is another way to reduce lower back discomfort. Our therapists kneed the muscles and are able to help them relax and not pull on the spine. A relaxed muscle feels less pain and helps your body remain in alignment. Our massage therapist is also able to target deep layers of muscle tissue. In these deep layers, scar tissue resides and contributes to your limited flexibility and pain. Once the therapist begins eliminating the scar tissue- you feel better.

As your pain lessens, we recommend corrective exercises to keep tight muscles loose and to strengthen weaker muscles. The more we can create muscular balance and a strong core, the less lower back pain you feel. If your lower back pain is the result of carrying excess weight in your mid-section, we suggest an exercise routine and nutritional guidance to assist you in weight loss. Our nutritional programs are complete with supplements to support a healthy and strong immune system. Your body is designed to heal itself. Our goal is to remind it that this healing is possible.

Please call us today at (615) 661-4101 to learn more about our lower back pain options.