Back pain can leave you debilitated, frustrated, miserable — and filled with questions about why this has happened and what you can do about it. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about back pain treatment here at Premier Family Chiropractic.

What causes acute back pain?

A variety of injuries can produce acute back pain, including auto accident injuries, sports injuries, and workplace injuries. If your spinal column is suddenly forced out of alignment due to a bump, jolt or other stressor, you may experience pain and stiffness in the joints, or a herniated disc that presses against nerve tissue. Damaged muscles, tendons, and ligaments are yet another potential source of acute pain.

Can acute back pain symptoms occur long after the actual event that caused them?

In the shock immediately following a traumatic incident, the onset of your acute back pain may be delayed. That’s why you should always get your spine checked right after an accident, even if you’re not yet in pain.

What causes chronic back pain?

Chronic back pain is often associated with age-related changes in the vertebrae and vertebral discs. Aging, bulging discs not only strain the spinal joints and promote spinal arthritis, but they can also compress nearby nerves. Over time, shifts in your spinal alignment may cause further pain. Overuse injuries from constant bending, twisting or stooping are another source of chronic back pain.

Does back pain always require drugs or surgery?

Many back pain sufferers worry that they will have to take constant painkillers or undergo back surgery to gain relief. But the truth is that most forms of back pain can be resolved or managed without any need for such extreme options. Here at Premier Family Chiropractic, we can treat back pain through conservative techniques such as spinal adjustments.

How does your Brentwood and Franklin chiropractor use spinal adjustments to treat back pain?

Our Brentwood and Franklin chiropractor, Dr. Quinn W. Uzelman, can administer a detailed spinal exam to locate the underlying source or sources of your pain. If spinal misalignment is a factor, chiropractic adjustments can bring the joint components back into balance, relieving pain and stiffness.

What other back pain treatments can I benefit from?

We can create a holistic pain management and rehabilitation program aimed at your specific back problem. In addition to chiropractic care, we may recommend massage therapy to treat injured back muscles or other soft tissues, resulting in natural pain and inflammation relief. We can also create a corrective exercise program to add strength and flexibility to your back. You may even benefit from weight loss to keep excess pounds from stressing your back.

Suffering From Back Pain in Brentwood or Franklin? We Have the Answer

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