When it comes to receiving massage therapy in Brentwood, our chiropractor receives many questions on the benefits and how massage complements other treatments. This FAQ is designed to answer some of the common questions we receive.

What types of massage does your Brentwood chiropractor at Premier Family Chiropractic offer?
Our Brentwood chiropractor, here at Premier Family Chiropractic, offers three different types of massages for healing, relaxation and pain relief. They include relaxation massage, deep tissue massage and holistic massage.

What is relaxation massage?
Relaxation massages are also referred to as Swedish massages. These are considered the most relaxing type of massage because they use long hand-strokes and a light pressure to relieve muscle and joint pain, which is good for relaxing the topmost layers of your muscles and ligaments.

What is a deep tissue massage?
Deep tissue massages use a moderate to firm pressure and shorter hand-strokes when compared to relaxation massages or Swedish massages. These massages are good for relaxing the deeper soft tissue layers, and they can help you recover from certain types of sports injuries and repetitive motion injuries.

What is a holistic massage?
Holistic massages are tailored for the specific individual. Your initial consultation with our massage therapist will be more involved for a holistic massage than other types of massage. This is because we want to take into consideration your entire health history along with your specific injuries and areas that are causing you pain. This type of massage often involves using a variety of massage techniques along with certain holistic practices, including energy work and special techniques that promote drainage of the lymphatic system.

What are the benefits of receiving a massage with your chiropractor serving Brentwood?
The benefits of receiving a massage with our chiropractor serving Brentwood are numerous. Massages that are given just prior to chiropractic sessions can make the adjustment more relaxing because our chiropractor does not have to use as much pressure to correct your misalignments. Massages, by themselves, help improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, help the muscles release lactic acid, and they help alleviate physical, mental and emotional stress.

How many massages will I need before I notice an improvement?
Most individuals feel better directly after their first massage with our Brentwood chiropractor. This is because the pressure combined with the hand-strokes immediately relieve muscle and soft tissue tension, which helps reduce pain while fascinating healing by improving blood flow and helping the muscle release lactic acid. If you have particularly tight spots or injuries, it may take several massages before you notice significant, sustained improvement.

How do I schedule an appointment for a Brentwood massage at Premier Family Chiropractic?
To schedule an appointment for a Brentwood massage, call us at (615) 661-4101. We are located at 7103 Bakers Bridge Avenue, suite 104. We are open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30am until 6 pm with a break for lunch between noon and 2 p.m. We are open Tuesday from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m.