When you visit a chiropractor serving Brentwood, a treatment plan focuses on your specific needs and situation. Depending on your goals and current health, we develop a plan of action to address the conditions and concerns associated with your physical body. In certain situations, a Brentwood chiropractor at our clinic recommends massage therapy as a realistic solution for your goals.

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is the use of massage as part of a chiropractic or natural treatment strategy. It uses different types of massage, such as deep tissue massage, to alleviate discomforts and address specific concerns and goals. At our clinic, we recommend massage as part of the treatment process to address pain, certain types of nerve problems like sciatica or general health goals like improving your circulation.

Brentwood massage therapy focuses on addressing a specific health concern or improving the effectiveness of other treatments. It allows you to relax during treatment without taking unnecessary risks with your health and well-being.

How Massage Therapy Helps Your Health

Massage therapy in Brentwood focuses on specific health concerns and goals. Generally, it works on soft tissues within the musculoskeletal system so you reduce the pain you experience while healing from injuries or health problems.

A Brentwood chiropractor in our clinic considers the underlying complications associated with any specific health concern before working out a solution. Massage therapy is usually used to help alleviate knots and pain in your muscles. We also recommend the treatment process when you have problems with circulation or pressure builds up on specific nerves to cause pain and general weakness.

Massage specifically helps with tension in the muscles. When you have tense muscles after an accident or due to poor posture, it puts unnecessary pressure on your nerves and spine. By using massage, we reduce the tension in your muscles. As a result, you experience a greater range of motion, better flexibility and a lower rate of pain from compression and pressure on your nerves.

Treating Health Concerns with Massage Therapy in Brentwood

Treating a health concern with massage therapy in Brentwood starts with understanding your goals and situation. Generally, we use the therapy to improve blood circulation, reduce tension and treat certain types of spinal health concerns. As a chiropractic clinic, we use it with other natural treatment strategies like spinal alignments and decompression therapy to improve the results of your treatment and encourage your body to heal.

Brentwood massage therapy focuses on the underlying health concerns. We only use the treatment when it improves the results of other treatments or when the problems stem from your muscles and soft tissues rather than your skeletal system.

Your body requires appropriate treatment to alleviate pain, reduce stress and encourage the healing process. When you develop tension and pain from tight muscles, massage offers a simple and healthy solution to assist with your recovery goals. To learn more about using massage for a treatment program or for an appointment, contact us today (615) 661-4101.