Most people think of massage as an extra treat after a long day’s work or part of a relaxing stay in a spa — but the benefits of massage therapy extend far beyond mere relaxation. Properly prescribed and administered, specific forms of massage therapy can help heal injuries, relieve pain and inflammation without drugs, address deep internal tissue problems and even help senior or pregnant patients with their particular wellness challenges. That’s why our Brentwood chiropractor, Dr. Quinn W. Uzelman, often prescribes massage therapy alongside spinal adjustments and other natural therapeutic techniques. Let’s take a close look at how our Brentwood massage therapy services can help you.

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There are many different varieties of massage, each with its own special strengths as a health and wellness tool, and you may experience more than one kind of Brentwood massage technique as part of our holistic approach to healing. The principal benefits to be gained from massage therapy in Brentwood include:

  • Stress relief – Massage’s reputation as a “stress buster” is legitimate. Soothing techniques such as Swedish massage can loosen chronically tight muscle groups that both hold onto pent-up stress and contribute stress of their own (via pain and stiffness). This release of tension can even enhance your adjustment sessions with our Brentwood chiropractor by priming the muscles to accept chiropractic adjustments without tensing up.
  • Relief of pain and inflammation – Massage therapy in Brentwood can help you feel better without painkillers. Swedish massage helps injured tissues release substances that cause pain and inflammation. Deep tissue massage can release internal scar tissue that adheres muscle groups together. Trigger point therapy can undo painful “knots” of tight muscle tissue that refer pain throughout the body.
  • Faster healing – Swedish massage can boost circulation to the area of the body being treated. The flow of extra blood, oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues helps those tissues repair themselves more quickly. The boost in circulation also helps fluids drain from the injury site, enabling swelling to go down.
  • Better athletic performance – Sports massage is a popular treatment technique for athletes recovering from a sports injury or trying to prevent a future sports injury. This form of massage targets the specific muscle groups athletes use most heavily in their chosen sport, speeding the healing process in those muscles and loosening them so that they are less likely to sustain damage in an upcoming event.
  • Pregnancy care – Gentle massage sessions can help pregnant women experience fewer aches and pains as well as less edema (swelling). The massage table can be adjusted to allow for comfortable positioning of a pregnant body.
  • Immune system support – Massage can improve lymphatic system function for a stronger immune response. This makes a valuable preventative wellness tool.

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