We offer complimentary onsite ‘Stress Buster Days’, which are designed to reduce stress for employees, boost morale, and show appreciation for all of their hard work through a health & wellness event.

Each employee receives a 10-15 minute chair massage, right at your place of work and at no charge to the company. If anyone has a question or is in pain or discomfort, we will give them tips on how to manage those issues.

We’re able to offer this service through our membership to the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, a nationwide non-profit, which requires us to attend a minimum of 30 free health events within our community each year.

Summary of the program:

1. What are we doing? Providing FREE stress relief massages called ‘STRESS BUSTER DAYS’ to help relieve stress, reduce muscle tension, decrease pain, and help in any way we can.

2. Where to set up? Break room is ideal or wherever you feel is necessary. All we need is about a 8×8 space or unused office or conference room.

3. How set up is done? We bring a licensed massage therapist as well as all the necessary supplies including massage chair and handouts. We will also have a free gift from the Doctor for each employee who signs up for a massage. This is for 2 free visits in our clinic (x-rays and exam/consultation). We will take a $20 refundable deposit for anyone who chooses to sign up (this will secure the appointment).

4. How much time is needed? Depends how many employees at the company and how many are interested. We can offer up to 4 massages per hour, which are scheduled in 15 minute increments – giving the employee a 10-minute massage and brief health consult. We do a minimum of 2 hours, and a maximum of 5 hours in one day. We can do multiple day events.