After you have suffered in a car accident, you want to get medical attention for any auto accident injury treatment you may need. But what if you are not dealing with obvious injuries? You may still have serious back, neck, or muscle injuries following an accident that can take days or weeks to appear. Here at Premier Family Chiropractic in Brentwood and Franklin TN we understand you want natural pain relief and auto accident treatment. We provide these services through comprehensive chiropractic care. Learn more about how we treat accident injuries and back pain.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries range from herniated discs to axial bursts. If you are involved in a front-end collision you can suffer from flexion distraction, transverse process, or compression vertebrae fractures. Whiplash is another common auto accident injury that is the result of intensive jerking of the head, causing muscle tears and disc herniation in the neck. At the very least you can suffer from soft tissue bruising and muscle strain resulting from the impact of the crash.

Why Car Accident Injuries May Be Delayed

After your car accident, you may think that you are injury-free because you show no signs or symptoms of auto injuries. However, that is often incorrect. When you are in an accident the sheer force of the car crash can do extensive damage to your musculoskeletal system. It is likely to cause your spine to be misaligned and typically leads to herniated discs. As a result, you can experience mid to lower back pain as the muscles and connective tissue swells with inflammation.

This swelling can take days or weeks to occur, and you may not have any back pain until this inevitably happens. The same issue happens with your neck muscles and the upper cervical vertebrae in your spine. When the upper spine discs herniate and the neck muscles tear, it results in whiplash. Again, this neck injury due to an auto accident often occurs long after your auto accident.

How Our Chiropractor can Treat Injuries

By coming to our chiropractor for your auto injury we can be proactive about your treatment. Through early detection, our staff will be able to diagnose your injuries immediately after an accident. This is crucial if you have a short time frame for filing for injury benefits with your auto insurance company. We start with a comprehensive consultation and exam to determine your injuries. A chiropractic adjustment is provided to realign your system. This also increases the circulation of vital nutrients that help begin the healing process. We can also provide massage therapy as part of your lower back pain treatment. This helps to alleviate muscle pain that you are already experiencing. Massage therapy is another way to increase blood flow and nutrient circulation to an area where you are suffering from an auto injury.

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