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Posted on 01-11-2017

Sciatica Treatment in Brentwood and Franklin TN

Is pain in your hips, buttocks, or legs preventing you from living your best life? If so, you may be a candidate for sciatica treatment at Premier Family Chiropractic in Brentwood and Franklin TN. 


What Causes Sciatica? 

Sciatica symptoms include sharp or dull pain along the buttocks, low back, hips, and legs. Sharp pains can make it difficult for sciatica sufferers to stand, while weakness and numbness in the legs can cause difficulty performing daily activities. 

Sciatica has many potential causes; when you see our chiropractor, we will perform tests to narrow down the causes. 

Some people develop sciatica as the result of an underlying spinal issue, such as degenerative disc disease, bulging disc, or lumbar spinal stenosis. If a spinal condition causes your sciatica pain, the underlying condition must be treated for you to enjoy a full recovery. 

Some people temporarily suffer sciatica pain while pregnant. Others experience this pain after an accident or injury that causes damage to the spine. 

No matter the cause of your sciatica pain, our chiropractor can relieve symptoms and reverse the pain you feel. 

How Our Franklin TN Chiropractor Treats Sciatica

To treat sciatica, our chiropractor will make targeted adjustments to restore the length, integrity, and positioning of your spine. As we bring your spine back into alignment, pressure on the sciatic nerve lets up and you feel fewer sciatica symptoms. 

If you have a disc problem, we may suggest spinal decompression treatments. Using a dedicated traction table, our chiropractor can elongate the spine and create a vacuum that reverses bulging discs to relieve sciatica pain. 

To promote wellness in between appointments, we may suggest sciatica stretches or lifestyle changes that can reduce your pain. By avoiding high heels, losing weight (if you are overweight), and stretching daily, you can keep sciatica symptoms at bay while undergoing chiropractic care for sciatica. 

Make An Appointment Today!

If you suffer symptoms of sciatica, give our chiropractor a call at (615) 661-4101. For a limited time only, we have a new patient special that allows you to save over $200 on chiropractic services. 

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