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Disc Herniation

disc_herniation_brentwoodA Herniated Disc Could Be The Source Of Your Pain

If you experience a pulling or nagging pain in your back that keeps you from your daily activities, you may have a herniated disc. Dr. Uzelman and our experienced chiropractic team will discover the underlying cause of your disc herniation and help get you back on track in no time.

How Chiropractic Helps Herniated Discs Heal

After thoroughly examining your spine and discussing your pain, Dr. Uzelman will determine the cause of disc herniation to develop a personalized treatment plan. He will let you know if the type of herniation you are experiencing makes you an ideal candidate for chiropractic care. Because discs can become herniated for many reasons in both active and sedentary lifestyles, additional diagnostics and imaging may be necessary. For some patients, herniation can be caused by sports and occupational hazards as well as acute trauma to the spinal column from heavy lifting, twisting or auto accidents. For others herniation can be a result of chronic, but untreated spinal issues.

Discs become herniated when the inner layer of the disc breaks through the outer layer causing the disc to collapse. Fluid from the inner layer now sits in the space between vertebral discs. This activity compresses the nerves that travel through the associated area.

If you experience very serious pain, tingling or loss of movement anywhere in the body these could be signs that a disc has been herniated. When disc herniation occurrs in the lumbar region, this may cause pain and tingling through the buttocks, down into your thighs through the calves and into the foot. When pain and tingling occurs higher up the spine in the neck, through the shoulders and arms then down into your hands, it is likely that a disc has herniated in the cervical region.

Dr. Uzelman has found that integrating several chiropractic techniques to fully treat all facets of disc herniation lead to maximum healing. This ranges from acute relief to long-term preventive care. Our chiropractor will perform spinal decompression, a gentle technique that eases nerves that have become compressed. Dr. Uzelman finds that several chiropractic sessions including decompression is most effective for a herniated disc- he will determine after your first or second visit how many visits you can expect to find lasting relief from. Most patients find relief after their first or second chiropractic treatment, but healing takes place after several sessions as the disc begins to stretch and reshape. Increased healing can now take place because nutrients can now reach the disc space to further ease inflammation and pain.

If surgery has been suggested for your pain, seeing Dr. Uzelman first could provide the relief you have been seeking without undergoing an invasive procedure. Chiropractic treatment also eliminates the need for ingesting strong pharmaceutical drug therapies that may present potential side effects. Dr. Uzelman has helped many patients reach lasting relief from a disc herniation. We look forward to meeting you at a visit soon!

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